Apple announcement prediction for 9/12

My guess is that they will announce an update to the intel core 2 duo for their laptops. Possibly something iTunes / iPod related as well. I’m looking forward to whatever it is. If the processor is upgraded for the macbook pro, I may have to add that to my Christmas list! 🙂

Vegetarians are terrorists?

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! That is the only thing I can say about this site I stumbled upon. I wasn’t sure if this was real until I double checked the domain – err, yup, yes it is the whitehouse’s website! Well, not really, but it sure looks good! I thought it was real for about 3 minutes. Check out this form and note the checkbox for “vegetarian” as a suspected terrorist criteria. All of them are hilarious for that matter.

Border Patrol Crisis

Two U.S. Border Patrol Agents, have been found guilty, and
now face prison terms of upwards of 20 years for doing their
jobs–apprehending an illegal alien at our border!

Even more outrageous, this illegal alien is suing the U.S.
for $5 million for violating his civil rights!

I have just signed a petition calling for the President to
pardon these two Border Agents and I’m asking you to join
with me by clicking here for the full story and the petition: