Just an idea for $168 Billion Dollars

I normally try to stay clear of political issues, but I’ll call this one “economic”. I was reading an online financial story from Yahoo today and there was mention of Bernanke being hopeful that previous rate reductions along with a $168 billion stimulus package of tax rebates for people and tax breaks for business would energize the economy in the second half of this year.

I have an alternate idea… Why not throw the $168 billion into the education system and teach our kids more about simple economics so that we don’t keep repeating history (aka recession)? If distributed evenly, this money would provide each state with several BILLION dollars to put towards the education of finance. Maybe then we’d see less people purchasing homes they really cannot afford and banks giving loans they really shouldn’t be giving. Maybe then we’d see more people saving money and spending wisely. Maybe those billions of dollars would stimulate the economy by providing more jobs in education and other related industries that would benefit? Just an idea.