Windows XP is running on Mac Mini

I’m listening to TWIT and getting the scoop. They are confirming that some industrious individuals (narf2006 and blanka) have loaded a working version of Windows XP on a Mac Mini computer. It sounds like a complex process, but they were able to do it. The contest site has the bootloader. Story at pcworld.

In other news, yet another delay in Microsoft Vista OS (story at cnn / pcworld story). Not that I really care, but I do find it a bit humorous how the delays just keep coming in. Maybe Microsoft will make up for it with their rumored new game / media device (to compete with PSP).

1 thought on “Windows XP is running on Mac Mini

  1. I think the concept is great and can be useful for developers to be able to run Windows and OS X on the same box, but I also worry about viruses when using windows. I wouldn’t recommend this for the general user. Too much liability.

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