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MacBook Pro 2019 Setup

Setting up the new machine. I found a few tips on brightness, dark mode and notifications from this Digital Trends article, but I had a few other things I wanted to tweak.

Fixing the AppleTV app red badge notification:
I quickly noticed a red “1” badge above the AppleTV app. This badge would not go away even after launching the AppleTV app. I had to delete some .prefs files and reboot using instructions found on Apple support: Specifically, deleting ~/Library/Preferences/ and ~/Library/Preferences/ worked for me. Don’t worry, the files are recreated when you launch the app again. That allowed me to then configure the badge notifications in the System Preferences.

AutoBoot on lid open:
AutoBoot on lid open is a neat feature, but can be problematic when wanting to clean your keyboard and magic pad area. Disabling AutoBoot is just a quick terminal command can make all the difference.

Disable AutoBoot on lid open on MacBook Pro 2019:

sudo nvram AutoBoot=%00

Return to default:

sudo nvram AutoBoot=%03

During this research I also discovered a similar command to bring back the startup chime.

Enable startup chime on newer Macs:

sudo nvram StartupMute=%00

Disable startup chime:

sudo nvram StartupMute=%01

AutoBoot Source 1:

AutoBoot Source 2:

Startup Chime Source 1:

Startup Chime Source 2:


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Getting Apple Music and Family Sharing Sorted

Recently, I decided to give Apple Music a try. The Family Sharing plan at $14.99 is the way to go if there are other music lovers in your family. Apple makes the plan and process fairly simple. The challenge comes when you and members of your family separate your apple IDs for purchases. I do this for security purposes, but it does create a bit of a hassle. I added my wife under her primary Apple ID, but she had to change her setting for purchases in order to subscribe under the family plan.

Some informational resources that helped.

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Upgrade: Late 2019 16 Inch MacBook Pro

Is it time to upgrade from the Late 2013 MacBook Pro?

Comparing raw CPU specs…

A comprehensive review from MacWorld:

Hands-on benchmark and performance tests:

With some serious performance gains and the 6% discount Apple is offering when purchasing with an Apple Card, I think it’s time to upgrade!

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iPod Classic Screen Repair

The display on my iPod 5th Generation Classic had a line of bad pixels running through it for about a year and it just sat in a drawer. I finally got around to getting a quote and it was going to cost $150 for the repair service. Too much. So I decided to go for it and do it myself. I ordered a replacement screen for $15 from Repairs Universe and followed the iPod 5th Generation Display Replacement repair guide from iFixIt. Thank you iFixit and Repairs Universe… Success!