A Few Links More

http://www.protopage.com/v2 – very cool ajax site

http://www.writely.com – very cool ajax wordprocessor site

http://www.opensourcemac.org/ – open source apps for the mac!

http://quicksilver.blacktree.com/ – mac app to speed up your workflow

http://www.freemacware.com/ – free mac apps

http://paulstamatiou.com/ – 10 mac apps everyone should download
http://microsoftgadgets.com/Gallery/ – microsofts answer to apple’s widgets

http://www.techcrunch.com/ – cool tech blog

http://www.dvorak.org/home.htm – dvorak’s bookmarks


http://www.lullabot.com/ – drupal costomization – developed the twit website
http://pages.google.com/ – simple web page creation

http://spreadsheets.google.com/ – online spreadsheets