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Unlocking My iPhone 6

I’ve had my iPhone 6 for about two years and wanted to unlock it. I followed the device unlock request procedure from AT&T and all went well. I received the email confirmation with instructions to backup my phone, erase all content and settings and then restore the phone from the backup. After making a backup via iTunes, I disconnected the phone and went to the settings to deactivate “find my phone” and then erase the phone. It basically just hung with an apple logo and progress bar that did not progress for 10-15 minutes. I decided to reboot and try another method. This is what worked for me.

Before you begin, be sure you know your iCloud password and phone passcode.

  • Connect to iTunes
  • Create a backup (click the button to create backup)
  • Keep iPhone connected – do NOT disconnect the iPhone from the computer
  • After backup is complete, open settings on the iPhone and first deactivate “find my phone” and then sign out of iCloud
  • Navigate back to main settings screen and scroll down to select the option to erase iPhone
  • The erase process took only a few seconds and then iTunes updated to indicate the iPhone had been successfully unlocked.
  • Click “continue” and select the option to restore from backup.

If all goes well, you should be back up and running in less then 30 minutes.



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