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iPod Classic Screen Repair

The display on my iPod 5th Generation Classic had a line of bad pixels running through it for about a year and it just sat in a drawer. I finally got around to getting a quote and it was going to cost $150 for the repair service. Too much. So I decided to go for it and do it myself. I ordered a replacement screen for $15 from Repairs Universe and followed the iPod 5th Generation Display Replacement repair guide from iFixIt. Thank you iFixit and Repairs Universe… Success!

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JSONLint – The JSON Validator.

I’ve been working on a personal project and found this excellent tool for validating JSON. It’s called “JSONLint” – The JSON Validator.

I installed the JSON plugin on my wordpress site and now I can retrieve the data from a web app on my personal domain My testing URL is:

I drop that URL into JSONLint and I can verify the output. Very cool. I’ve now got a mobile page running on that retrieves the feed and displays as buttons on a jQuery mobile page.

via JSONLint – The JSON Validator..